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New Dominion Enterprises Inc.
Better Energy Because of Better Chemistry

New Dominion Enterprises Inc.
New Dominion Enterprises Inc. (NDE) is a “deep technology” company commercializing the first Inorganic Liquid Material for lithium-ion batteries that addresses the heat-related downsides and vulnerabilities of organic electrolytes, increasing durability (up to 50% more charge cycles) and improving cell safety. Electrochemically, this inorganic liquid also enables the adoption of higher energy electrodes that will lead to increased energy density.
NDE has begun manufacturing the first of its suite of inorganic liquids. This material is now available for commercial evaluation and use. The Company holds an exclusive license from Idaho National Laboratory for the issued intellectual property protecting this material as well as a second inorganic material, a co-solvent, that requires optimization. The Company also owns two patents for a third material that would replace 100% of the organic electrolytes.
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Millions of dollars have been spent to develop the patent protected additive and co-solvent formulations. NDE has an exclusive license for the additive and maintains an option for an exclusive license for the co-solvent. These products lay the foundation for the truly disruptive, future development of a 100% inorganic electrolyte that completely replaces organic (flammable) materials. This 100% inorganic electrolyte has the upside potential of replacing all of the electrolytes currently being sold for lithium batteries worldwide. NDE has filed two utility patents for this revolutionary new material. NDE’s co-founder and Chief Scientist is the inventor of these materials.
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