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New Dominion Enterprises Inc. (NDE) is commercializing new inorganic electrolyte additives for lithium batteries that stabilize organic lithium ion battery electrolytes. The additives replace a percentage of the organic materials and improve the thermal performance and chemical stability of the lithium battery electrolytes. Furthermore, they significantly increase operational duty cycles over existing lithium battery technology. The technology has significant economic potential as it partially solves the key issues currently faced by lithium-ion battery producers by replacing the organic electrolytes with phosphazene-based inorganic electrolytes. Idaho National Laboratory owns a process patent protecting the intellectual property of the innovation and NDE has negotiated an exclusive license to the patent and plans to sell the additive to battery manufacturers as a substitute for a percentage of the volume of electrolytes in lithium batteries. The technology has significant market potential in both defense and commercial applications with successful testing already having occurred in a Department of Defense sponsored program. Currently performing on Phase Two SBIR 20.3 from AFWERX. NDE is now scaling to production levels and accelerating its commercialization.

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