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New Dominion Enterprises Inc. (NDE) was founded in 2015 by Mr. Jay Fraser and Mason K. Harrup, Ph.D for the purpose of commercializing the suite of inorganic liquids for lithium batteries that Dr. Harrup had invented while serving as Advisory Scientist at Idaho National Laboratory (INL). The two had met when Fraser’s previous company had secured a 3 year, multi-million-dollar contract from the Office of Naval Research and Harrup served as principal scientist. When Harrup left INL he asked Fraser to join him in a new company that became New Dominion Enterprises.


Today, NDE is the predominant innovator in the electrolyte segment of the lithium battery industry leading the way to safer and higher energy density batteries through the introduction and commercialization of its novel inorganic liquid solvents to replace the flammable, volatile and toxic organic components of conventional electrolytes. With multiple commercial companies now evaluating the inorganic liquid known as Phospholyte®, in addition to a series of contracts with the US government, the company is on the verge of establishing a new standard for electrolyte chemistry in the lithium battery industry.

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